- Language Used: Java

- IDE Used: Android Studio

- Used Espresso for unit testing

- User can input a value. User cannot enter a negative amount.

- App has two activities:The main activity, and the calculated tips activity. The user is able to go back and change the amount entered if he or she desires.

- The user can also customize their own tip percentage if he or she wants to. The user can change this amount multiple times.

- When the user presses the “calculate” button, it takes the user to a new activity. It also echoes out the amount entered to the user.

- UI/UX design is very simple and to the point. The logo is noticeable. The directions for entering the tip is intuitive.

- Color of app corresponds with the turtle logo, which makes the app cohesive.


The following contains some screenshots of the code that I wrote for my Calculate My Tip! App. If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with me.

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Here is the code where the user enters the amount on the main screen, and then presses the "calculate" button.

When the user presses the 'calculate' button, an intent is created, where the amount entered is saved in a string, and the information is sent to the DisplayMessage Activity


Here is a snippet of the code where the calculation for the amount entered is calculated.

The first thing the user sees is the amount he or she entered at the top of the screen followed by the three common percentages, and it's corresponding tip amount, and new total.


Here is the code for when the user wants to enter a custom tip amount.

Once the user enters the custom tip percentage he or she wants, the amount is then converted from a string to a double. The calculations are done, rounded, and sent out to the user.

If the user wantes to edit the custom tip that he or she entered, all the user has to do is enter a new custom percentage, and hit the button.

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