Amrita Quezada (Singh)

Software Engineer | Full Stack Developer

B.S. in Computer Science from San Francisco State University

Freelance: Available

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Software Engineer / Full Stack Developer. The following is a summary of my top skills:
Java | JavaScript | Angular | HTML5 | CSS | MySQL | PHP | AngularJS | Bootstrap | Agile Methodology

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Panelist on the DEI Panel at the ACT-W Conference on 7/29/21
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Front End Tech Lead Volunteer
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Women Who Code Silicon Valley

Volunteered as a Front End Tech Lead in the Women Who Code Sillicon Valley chapter from July 2020 - October 2020. Responsible for building and guiding the team, deciding what technologies to use, ensuring processes are put in place for development. Worked with the product team on prioritization of tasks. I was also in charge of collaborating with back-end engineers, designers and product managers to create an engaging and transparent experience, turning design mockups into web applications, peer code review, etc. Position required use of React, Bootstrap, Docker, Node.js, Context, and deployment to Heroku.

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I was a UX and Front End Developer on a team that consists of 5 members. The project had 5 milestones, and the sprints were 2 weeks long.


- Language Used: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, php
- Frameworks Used: mini framework, BootStrap
- Environments Used: XAMPP, phpMyAdmin, WampServer
- We used the GitLab repository and mySQL workbench

My Responsibilities:

- I was in charge of the frontend, and making sure everyone is following the UI/UX design.
- I came up with the UI/UX design and the storyboard.
- I did some peer code review.
- I wrote the code for the Wish List Page.
- I created the use cases.
- I was in charge of presenting the eGator website to the stakeholders, which was part of the 5th Milestone.

Use Cases:

- User is able to browse all the items for sale without logging in.
- In order to save an item in the Wish List, the user must be a registered SFSU student.
- A registered user has the ability to sell their items on eGator.
- The user is able to filter the items by either category, or price range.
- If the registered user wants to buy the item, the user can message the seller when he or she is ready to purchase the item.

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