My name is Amrita. I am a first generation Indo-Fijian American. I am born & raised in the Bay Area, but I have gone to Fiji several times growing up. I am the FIRST PERSON from my maternal grandmother's kids (6 kids) & grandkids (I am #9 of 13) to get a Bachelor's Degree. I am a Computer Science Graduate from SFSU. I graduated in May 2017. I have been coding since 2007, which was my softmore year in High School. I started by making websites like this one. This is also where my passion for coding started. Along the way, I have worked several shift supervisor and trainer positions while going to school. I have also been a Team Lead in one of the projects in school. I also worked as a bartender & server while going to school. Working in the restaurant industry helped me sharpen my communication skills, as well as help me get better at multitasking.

I have a working app on the Google Play Store. Please click here to get the app. I have screenshots, and some information about my app below.

Calculate My Tip!

Using Calculate My Tip! is easy – here’s how it works:

- Open the app, enter the amount, and hit calculate.

- The common percentages are given, along with the calculated total.

- Use one of the predefined percentages or enter a custom amount.

- Write the tip and total on your receipt, and you’re done!

- Wrong amount entered? No worries! Simply return to the previous page and change the amount!

- Already entered a tip, but want to know the percentage you left? Simply click on the What Did I Tip? button and fill out the information! It's that simple!

Click below to get the app!

Click here to get more information about my app

eGator Website

SFSU/FAU/Fulda Software Engineering Project

- I was the front end developer on a five person team that made a website from scratch which mimicks Amazon, and catered to SFSU students.

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About My Website / Portfolio

Below contains a list of what I used to create this website. If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

- Dreamweaver

Database Management System (DBMS):

- phpMyAdmin


- AngularJS

The languages I Used:



- php


- Bootstrap

Connect With Me!

Thanks for the support! I appreciate you! favorite

email amdesingh92@gmail.com