My name is Amrita. I am a first generation Indo-Fijian American. I am born & raised in the Bay Area, but I have gone to Fiji several times growing up. I am the FIRST PERSON from my maternal grandmother's kids (6 kids) & grandkids (I am #9 of 13) to get a Bachelor's Degree. I am a Computer Science Graduate from SFSU. I graduated in May 2017. I have been coding since 2007, which was my softmore year in High School. I started by making websites like this one. This is also where my passion for coding started. Along the way, I have worked several shift supervisor and trainer positions while going to school. I have also been a Team Lead in one of the projects in school. I also worked as a bartender & server while going to school. Working in the restaurant industry helped me sharpen my communication skills, as well as help me get better at multitasking.

I have a working app on the Google Play Store. Please click here to get the app. I have screenshots, and some information about my app below.

Calculate My Tip!

Using Calculate My Tip! is easy – here’s how it works:

- Open the app, enter the amount, and hit calculate.

- The common percentages are given, along with the calculated total.

- Use one of the predefined percentages or enter a custom amount.

- Write the tip and total on your receipt, and you’re done!

Wrong amount entered? No worries! Simply return to the previous page and change the amount! Click below to get the app!

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eGator Website

SFSU/FAU/Fulda Software Engineering Project

- I was the front end developer on a five person team that made a website from scratch which mimicks Amazon, and catered to SFSU students.

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About My Website / Portfolio

Below contains a list of what I used to create this website. If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

- Dreamweaver

Database Management System (DBMS):

- phpMyAdmin


- AngularJS

The languages I Used:



- php


- Bootstrap

Connect With Me!

Thanks for the support! I appreciate you! favorite

email amdesingh92@gmail.com